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What's this? It is the beginning of solar graziers developing economic models to show how they incorporate the solar grazing into their business. 

Hudson Valley Solar Grazing Model - ASGA webinars

Specifics on this model:

    • developed in 2019
    • multigenerational farm family located in New York State
    • array will be over 100 acres located on the family's home farm
    • grazing will occur on the lands the family leased to a solar firm
    • solar lease is 25 years so grazing is geared towards a 25 year + horizon
    • family has experience in the production of cattle, hay, corn, soy, and a variety of other cash crops
    • there are off farm jobs and other sources of farm income not represented in this model
    • the model is heavy on investment in infrastructure with a view towards employing several family members 
    • the model assumes some outside help while the family learns sheep and solar grazing

What's next?

    • ASGA hopes to obtain more funding to create additional models, including the more traditional model where the grazing is not occuring on the home farm
    • solar graziers can download this model, insert and delete fields to tweak this for accuracy in their region
    • ASGA will ask graziers in a year to reconvene, submitting anonymous versions for discussion.
    • ASGA will generate a database over time of solar grazing business models and budget for the community to exchange and share.  

Join us! Participate in improving on this model. It's just the beginning!