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ASGA Certification™ for Solar Grazing Training


Certify Your Solar Grazing Training Program with ASGA

ASGA Certification™ for Solar Grazing Training recognizes educational programs teaching key topics and best management practices fundamental to using sheep to manage vegetation on solar energy sites.

An ASGA Certified training course is one which includes every topic listed under the ASGA Solar Grazing Training Standards.

ASGA also recognizes students completing a Certified Solar Grazing Training as Certified Solar Graziers.

Potential Students Will Easily Find Your Course

ASGA is a network with nearly 800 members and growing fast. We're a leading voice in the solar grazing world and helping shape its future so that graziers and site operators follow the best available practices.

Once your program is certified, it will be announced to ASGA's community and our vast network of farmers, solar developers, researchers, and grazing enthusiasts. Upcoming courses and locations will be listed on the ASGA website and easily found by your potential students.

After completing your course, your students will be recognized as ASGA Certified Solar Graziers and receive a completion certificate and digital badge.


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How to Apply

This program is open to current ASGA members, either individual or corporate.

As the course provider, you pay an application fee and submit detailed documentation of your curriculum. ASGA reviews these materials to ensure it meets the ASGA Certified Solar Grazing Training Standards. Certification is valid for 3 years.

Once your certification is approved, you will receive a digital badge to put on your website and promotional materials.

ASGA has three pricing tiers. These tiers are based on the number of students expected to complete the Course Provider's solar grazing course(s) within 14 months of application.

Submitting Program Materials

We understand that building a curriculum takes time. Your application will be PENDING until you submit your program materials to ASGA. After you submit your initial application, ASGA will follow up with instructions on how to submit your program materials.

Application Fee & Final Approval

The application fee will not be due until ASGA has confirmed that your program meets the standards for approval. At that time, you will receive instructions on how to pay the fee.

ASGA will approve your certification only after you have paid the application fee in full.

At that point, we will list your courses on the ASGA website and send you your digital badge.


Application Fee: $1,500
  • 25 Students or less


Application Fee: $3,000
  • 26 to 74 Students


Application Fee: $5,000
  • 75 Students or more

What to Expect

Certifying Your Students

After each class, you will send ASGA a list of students so they may be recognized as Certified Solar Graziers and receive their completion certificate and digital badge.

Actual Student Numbers

If at the end of your first year of Certification the actual student numbers are less than the Tier on which your application fee was based, ASGA will refund the difference. If the actual student numbers are greater than the Tier for which your application fee was based, ASGA will invoice you for the difference.

3-Year Certification

Certification is valid for 3 years (36 months) from approval. There are no financial transactions or obligations in years 2 and 3. Midway through Year 3, ASGA will contact you with details about recertification.


If you have any questions about the program or application, email us at

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