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This is a story about solar and farming

Sheep in TX

Solar Grazing is shaping the future of solar energy and farming. It brings together the benefits of agriculture and solar energy production to create new possibilities. Keeping farmland in production within rural communities. Providing a sustainable future for struggling farmers. Helping solar companies be productive community members and good stewards of the land, keeping it viable and healthy.

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    Keeping farmland in production within rural communities.

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    Providing a sustainable future for struggling farmers.

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    Helping solar companies be productive community members and good stewards of the land.

Uniquely positioned to tell this powerful story, the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) is producing a short documentary to show America the value of solar + grazing.

Set to release in September 2024, this project aims to raise awareness of the benefits that solar grazing can bring to farm families today, while helping preserve the land for future generations. Our goal is to foster strong relationships between agricultural communities and solar developers who support grazing animals on solar site.

ASGA looks forward to sharing our film in rural communities, with the solar industry, and at film festivals around the country.

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Ely interviewed

Who’s Involved

Meet the team

The American Solar Grazing Association is the leading voice of the solar grazing industry, with over 900 members across 45 states representing a diverse group of farmers and solar developers. Our Mission is to help support the growth of solar grazing in a sustainable way that benefits farmers and communities.

ASGA is partnering with Blueline Media, a documentary production company based between Indiana and North Carolina to capture stories from member farmers in 5 states.

Meet our farmers

Ryan and daughters

Ryan Indart


Ryan Indart is a Fourth Generation Sheep Rancher in Fresno County CA. In 2009 Ryan purchased the sheep ranching enterprise from the family business and started The Indart Group, Inc., which is engaged in sheep ranching, direct marketing of lamb, dry land farming, custom sheep grazing services specializing in large utility scale solar projects and custom farm work.

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Daniel Dotterer


Daniel Dotterer lives on his family farm, outside of State College, Pennsylvania. His family has been farming in Pennsylvania continously since 1722. He is the 12th generation of Dotterers now to farm here in Pennsylvania. Growing up, the family farm had mostly beef cattle but now that he has taken over the farm, they have grown into one of the largest sheep herds in the state.


Josie Trople & Arlo Hark


Arlo C. Hark and Josie Trople own and operate Cannon Valley Graziers, a sheep-powered land management company. With Backgrounds in agriculture and conservation ecology, we set out on a mission to have a positive impact on the ecology, soil health and water quality of the Cannon River Valley, while providing customers with top-notch meat and fiber products along the way.


Julie Bishop

New Jersey

Amanda Bottle Lamb

Amanda Stoffels


Amanda Stoffels grew up in the panhandle of Texas. She started her career as a teacher after attending the University of North Texas. She and her husband bought the family farm right after getting married. After 15 years of teaching, she stepped down to take a more active role in her children’s education and the family farm. Self-taught and locally mentored, Amanda and her husband are currently grazing sheep on LightSourceBp’s solar farm, Elm Branch.

Ely and Sons

Ely Valdez


Ely Valdez is the Founder and CEO of EVA Ranch and Solar Farm Services. He and his wife started grazing a small flock of sheep in 2015 on a solar farm across the street from them, without knowing it would eventually open the doors for them on a totally different adventure. They started focusing on ground maintenance for large scale sites across Texas, and their flock has grown as well as their business.


Chad Raines


I am a Sheep Rancher from Lamesa which is in west Texas. I was a fourth-generation cotton farmer before I started raising sheep. I originally began raising sheep to help transition my land to “organic.” Now, I currently manage two solar sites that run a total of 2,000 sheep and I have bids on three more sites. I expect to increase my flock to around 7,500 head by the end of 2024.


Caroline Owens


Caroline Owens and her family have been raising sheep since 1992, starting in New Hampshire and expanding to Pennsylvania in 2008. They sell direct-marketed grass-fed lamb, feeder lambs, and breeding stock in addition to grazing solar arrays. A former Vocational Agriculture teacher, Caroline holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Boston University.

March to May 2024

Production & Filming

Filming at nationwide locations including Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, and California

July 2024

Teaser video launched

August 2024

Post production completed

September 2024

Premiere documentary

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