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What are Solar Grazing Monthly Webinars?

Virtual events every month to talk, learn & listen!

Hosted by Zoom, these are live events open to the public.

Monthly webinars are: 1st Wednesday of the Month

Monthly webinars start: 6 PM Eastern Time


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Archived Calls

ASGA Teatime Replay: Jumping into Large-Scale Grazing in TX and the Southeast with Chad Raines

By ASGA | April 11, 2024

We had great a farmer-to-farmer chat with Chad Raines, a solar grazier and ASGA Board member based out of Lamesa, TX. Chad told us how he transitioned from targeted grazing…

ASGA Call 76 Replay: How Big Is Solar Grazing in the U.S.? (ASGA Census Results)

By ASGA | April 4, 2024

75 grazing enthusiasts joined our webinar on the state of solar grazing in the U.S. ASGA’s Alyssa Andrew presented the preliminary results of the ASGA solar grazing census. She provided…

ASGA Teatime Replay – Wicked wins and epic fails: 7 years of solar grazing with Lyndsey Smith & Chris Moore

By ASGA | March 28, 2024

It’s one thing to get your solar grazing business off the ground, but what challenges and opportunities can you expect once your solar grazing operation is in its 3rd or…

Recording: Fourth Annual Membership Meeting of the American Solar Grazing Association

By ASGA | March 25, 2024

2023 was a groundbreaking year as ASGA’s membership grew, we launched a number of new initiatives, and our members represented solar grazing and its benefits at events across the U.S.!…

ASGA Call 75 Replay: Digging into Vegetation and Soil Management Planning for Solar

By ASGA | March 19, 2024

Proper vegetation and soil management planning on solar sites is key to good land stewardship and setting up a project for successful vegetation cover. With the application of industry leading…

ASGA Teatime Replay: From Struggling Dairy Farmer to Successful Solar Grazier (+ How to Grow Efficiently)

By ASGA | February 14, 2024

Jonathan Northrop (Watertown, NY) joined us to discuss how he transitioned from a struggling dairy farming business to become a successful sheep farmer and solar grazier, combined with a direct-consumer meat…

ASGA Call 74 Replay: Myth-Busting Facts About Sustainable Solar Development

By ASGA | February 8, 2024

Solar grazing offers an important avenue for making solar sites more ecologically sustainable, but how can solar developers design and manage sites to ensure the site is eco-friendly from construction…

ASGA Teatime: Winning Hearts & Minds to Solar Graze a Suburban Retirement Community in Virginia

By ASGA | January 25, 2024

Grazing Kunekune pigs with your sheep to restore vegetation health on a rocky, unseeded solar site with poor fencing. Navigating the challenges of doing agriculture in a suburban setting. Making…

ASGA Teatime Replay: Approaching a Solar Company and Things to Know Before Making Your Pitch

By ASGA | January 19, 2024

How do you approach a solar company, what are the questions you should ask, and what boxes do you need to check off before you make your pitch to them?…

ASGA Teatime Replay: Survey Says! Co-ops Needed to Support Large-Scale Solar Grazing (Cornell Survey)

By ASGA | December 19, 2023

For our last ASGA event of 2023, Dr. Bobbie Severson from the Cornell University Cooperative Enterprise Program (CEP) joined us to discuss their recent utility-scale solar grazing survey. Bobbie broke…