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Virtual events every month to talk, learn & listen!

Hosted by Zoom, these are live events open to the public.

Monthly webinars are: 1st Wednesday of the Month

Monthly webinars start: 6 PM Eastern Time


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ASGA Call 71: Sheep Health in Solar Systems

October 4 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

Whether you’re just getting into solar grazing or you’re a long-time sheep farmer, managing sheep health in solar grazing is…

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Archived Calls

How to Select Genetic Traits for Solar Grazing (ASGA Event Recording)

By ASGA | September 21, 2023

For our September ASGA Teatime event, we invited experienced farmers and sheep experts from different parts of the country to talk about how to find the right sheep for your…

Introducing ASGA Certification™ for Solar Grazing Training! (ASGA Call #70) Replay

By ASGA | September 16, 2023

At our 70th ASGA Call, we launched the brand new ASGA Certification™ for Solar Grazing Training program. This innovative program lends ASGA’s seal of approval to qualified training courses and…

ASGA Call 69 Replay – Turning Sheep Green: Solar Grazing’s Long-Term Emissions and Environmental Benefits

By ASGA | August 7, 2023

What are the climate and environmental impacts of adding sheep to solar sites? How does solar grazing compare to conventional solar sites and to conventional sheep production? The potential impact…

ASGA Call 68 Replay – Making Agrivoltaics a Financial Success: Tools & Research Update from NREL

By ASGA | July 8, 2023

For our July webinar, we were excited to be joined by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)’s James McCall, who discussed their agrivoltaics research programs. I encourage you to watch…

ASGA Call 67 Replay: Shepherding the future – Insights from Silicon Ranch’s Solar Grazing Programs in the Southeast

By ASGA | June 15, 2023

Jim Malooley from Silicon Ranch discussed their innovative, large-scale solar grazing programs in the Southeast and beyond for our June 2023 webinar Silicon Ranch has developed exciting solar grazing programs…

ASGA Call 66 Replay: Opportunities for Solar Wool Part II – Soil Stability and Erosion Control for Renewable projects

By ASGA | May 5, 2023

For our second webinar on potential markets for solar wool, Rob Ament (Montana State University’s Western Transportation Institute) explored the market opportunities for using U.S. wool fiber in erosion control products, which are used to stabilize weak soil. 

ASGA Call 65 Replay: Preparing for Utility-Scale Solar Grazing in the Northeast with Targeted & Mob Grazing Experts

By ASGA | April 12, 2023

What do solar graziers in New England and the Northeast need to know to prepare for grazing at scale? As a follow up to our March webinar on large-scale solar…

Recording: Third Annual Membership Meeting of the American Solar Grazing Association

By ASGA | March 29, 2023

dfds Last year was an incredible year of growth for solar grazing and ASGA. At the annual meeting, ASGA’s leadership team highlighted ASGA’s achievements from 2022 and previewed the exciting…

ASGA Call #64 Replay: Large-Site Solar Grazing in CA and TX, What Graziers Need to Know (Panel Discussion)

By ASGA | March 3, 2023

What does it take to manage a utility scale grazing operation and how do you get started? What are the roadblocks and what are the success stories? The U.S. is…

ASGA Call #63 Replay: Pollinator Friendly Solar Sites with MNL

By ASGA | February 22, 2023

What are the benefits of pollinator friendly solar sites? How does it impact grazing? Pollinator habitats continue to be an important issue for solar site development, both for their potential…