Where do I put my flock now? Contingency planning for Solar Grazing

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Where do I put my flock now? Contingency planning for Solar Grazing 1

Many new and experienced solar graziers have been in the difficult position of having their flock ready to mobilize on solar sites, when suddenly their start date is pushed back (sometimes several months back) or their contract is shelved due to circumstances outside of their control. This is a difficult reality in our industry. But it’s one that graziers can be prepared to respond to effectively to minimize the impact on their business and operations.
For this Teatime, ASGA Board Member Jess Gray from Gray’s LAMBscaping discussed her own experience dealing with having to roll off a site. She walked us through how she took care of her flock and business. 

After Jess, Jeff Hudson, the Vice President of Asset Management at Urban Grid Solar, walked us through the solar side. He explained the handover of site custody from construction to asset manager and the interconnection handover, detailing what solar companies can and cannot control in those processes. 

Finally, Becky Roberts, an Extension Agent with Agriculture and Natural Resources in Pittsylvania County, discussed what resources and assistance your local extension agent can provide.

ASGA Teatime: June 27th, 2024

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