ASGA Call #38: Planning the solar grazing season with pasture management expertise

By ASGA / February 6, 2021 /

Call Replay Available: Two experts in pasture management help us think about planning our 2021 grazing season.   They’ll help with questions like… How many sheep per acre?  Call Guests:   Kitty O’Neil, Agronomist at Cornell Cooperative Extension-NY Karen Hoffman, USDA/NRCS Resource Conservationist    Soils, seeding, forages…let’s think about how the solar pastures will be…

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By ASGA / January 8, 2021 /

Call Replay Available: The team at Oregon State is doing piles of work to document sheep health and solar grazing, sheep management and insect biodiversity, forage growth and more.  Some research is published, others are in the works.  Just out is the paper Pasture Production and Lamb Growth in Agrivoltaic System.    Call Guests: Authors Dr.Serkan Ates,…

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ASGA Call #36: Processing & Marketing, Solar Grazing, and Farming & Solar Synergies

By ASGA / December 3, 2020 /

Call Replay Available: We have three terrific guests joining us for this call! Call Guests: Matt LeRoux, Agriculture Marketing Consultant  Tips for processing and marketing during COVID: A focus on the crisis consumer, creating commodity friendly bulk lamb and processing issues.   Jonathan Barter, ASGA & Delaware River Solar Establishing a solar grazing program in New York: opportunities…

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ASGA Call 35: Deep Dive with 4 Experts: Solar Project Development & Construction, CoLocation

By ASGA / November 6, 2020 /

Call Replay Available: A deep dive into Solar Project Development & Construction, CoLocation with four outstanding experts in the field. Call Guests: Lian Niu, managing member at Eitri Foundry  Christopher McCabe, Director of Operations, Eitri Foundry Vermont Dept of Agriculture’s Alex DePillis  Vermont’s Grazing Specialist Kimberly Hagen Eitri Foundry has developed projects in Vermont and nearby states. Vermont has a very carefully…

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ASGA Call 34: Cornell Solar Sheep, Pollinators & Carbon Research Update

By ASGA / October 13, 2020 /

Recorded webinar: CLICK HERE “Design and progress of an experiment to quantify the effect of sheep density on pollinators and soil carbon.”

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ASGA Call 33: Indiana Solar Grazing Trial & multiple land uses with Rocky Mountain Institute

By ASGA / September 8, 2020 /

We’ll have a special promotion of the new film by Diana Rodger’s team at Sacred Cow – out this fall. She will on the call to drop hints about the release date and, better yet, how sheep feature in the film. Our featured guests will bring us news of solar grazing in the Midwest: Hoosier…

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ASGA Call 32: 200 acres of solar make hay, honey & lamb

By ASGA / August 20, 2020 /

Learn about operations at Arnprior Solar, a 200 acre solar array managed by Shady Creek Lamb Company and EDF-Renewables. Hosting Gees Bees Honey since 2016, this site in Ontario has a wonderful cast of characters. Come meet Chris and Lyndsey from Shady Creek Lamb and hear their stories from the past 5 years of management.…

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ASGA Call 31: Solar & Pollinators & Honey

By ASGA / July 3, 2020 /

Hear from guest Rob Davis of the Center for Pollinators In Energy & Dustin Vanesse from Bare Honey​ Solar grazing, solar honey, and good practices in grazing go hand in hand. Call Guests: Rob Davis Dustin Vanesse Call Hosts: Dr Judy St Leger, ASGA Board, solar grazier & owner Dutch Barn Farm, NY Lexie Hain,…

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ASGA Call 30: Trent Hendricks of Cabriejo Ranch, Missouri

By ASGA / July 3, 2020 /

Hear from Trent Hendricks of Cabriejo Ranch, a seasoned grazier, he operates a solar grazing network based out of his holistically managed ranch in Missouri. Special Guests: Ernst Pollinator Service at Meadville Land Services & Ernst Seeds. Ernst Seeds: The source of the world’s first solar grazing seed mix Fuzz and Buzz Thanks to our…

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ASGA Call 29: Don Lewis from Lewis Land & Stock of Ontario, Canada

By ASGA / May 12, 2020 /

Hear from guest Don Lewis from Lewis Land & Stock of Ontario, Canada.  Grazing is just part of the Lewis Land & Stock portfolio of services. Their flocks are based north of Guelph, Ontario.  Grazing their own solar arrays with a contract, this family has incorporated solar grazing into a larger sheep & farming operation.…

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Become an official ASGA member, Access the Network

By ASGA / May 9, 2020 /

It’s here, the opportunity to become an official member of American Solar Grazing Association! This Friday we’re hosting a members meeting and tour of the new Solar Grazing network and map. ​Become an official member of American Solar Grazing Association today. ​ If you’re already a member, thank you! Please help us spread the word…

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ASGA Call 28: Solar Grazing with Carolina Solar Services

By ASGA / April 11, 2020 /

Guests Zach Hobbs & Brock Phillips, Carolina Solar Services. Grazing is just part of the Carolina Solar Services portfolio of services. Their flocks are based in North Carolina. A neat operation with high standards for performance in the industry, it’s a pleasure to have them join our call. Carolina Solar Services on Instagram ASGA Hosts:…

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ASGA Call 27: Increased Value With Solar Grazing with Dan Finnegan of Solar Shepherd LLC.

By ASGA / March 10, 2020 /

Dan Finnegan, owner of Solar Shepherd LLC joined us to discuss the benefits of solar grazing and how it can offer increased value over other land management practices. Dan will wear both his farmer hat and his finance-business hat for this call. Click here to watch the replay He’s a quick thinker who is looking…

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ASGA Call 26 – Arizona Solar Grazing

By ASGA / February 6, 2020 /

On the latest ASGA call we were joined by Ericca Suarez and Rusty Cocke to hear about their work grazing in Arizona at Tuscon Electric’s sites. Click here to watch the replay You can also hear a recent podcast about their work. When? This call happened on WEDNESDAY, Feb 5th @ 6 PM Eastern​ Guests:…

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ASGA Call 25 – Best practices in Solar Grazing as industry expands with Keith Hervenor at Nexamp

By ASGA / January 17, 2020 /

On ASGA call 25 we were joined by Keith Hervenor from Nexamp to talk about best practices in solar grazing as this industry expands. Click here to watch the replay When? This call happened January 8th, 2019 Guest: Keith Hervenor works with Nexamp, a solar firm dedicated to community-scale solar and responsible solar development. His…

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ASGA Call 24 – Managing larger flocks with Fiona Harrar (Wednesday’s Zoom Call)

By ASGA / December 11, 2019 /

On ASGA call 24 Premier One’s Fiona Harrar joined us to discuss managing larger flocks and how to scale up a grass fed operation.​ Click here to watch the replay When? This call happened December 4th, 2019 Guest: Fiona Harrar, flock manager of 1000+ ewes at Premier 1 in Iowa. She’s focusing on: Efficiencies for…

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