ASGA Call 76 Replay: How Big Is Solar Grazing in the U.S.? (ASGA Census Results)

75 grazing enthusiasts joined our webinar on the state of solar grazing in the U.S. ASGA’s Alyssa Andrew presented the preliminary results of the ASGA solar grazing census. She provided us with an updated picture of the scale and reach of solar grazing in the U.S. based on the census data. 

On the call, we learned that 100,000 acres of solar sites are being grazed in the U.S. by over 80,000 sheep – and those numbers don’t capture the total scope of solar grazing in the country.

After Alyssa’s presentation, we were joined by representatives from the sheep, solar grazing, and solar industry to give us their take on what this means and where solar grazing is going. Those speakers included:

  • JR Howard (Texas Solar Sheep)
  • Lynn Fahrmeier (American Sheep Industry)
  • Lexie Hain (Lightsource bp / ASGA Board Member)
  • Nick Armentrout (Agrivoltaic Solutions / ASGA Board Member)

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