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Join or Sponsor the American Solar Grazing Association

Solar Grazing is shaping the future of solar energy and sheep farming

ASGA brings together the community of farmers, solar developers, researchers, and innovators who are building that future.

Our Mission is to help support the growth of solar grazing in a sustainable way that benefits farmers and communities.

Individuals can get involved by joining as an ASGA member. Companies can support us by becoming an official ASGA sponsor.


Become an ASGA Member and Join Our Solar Grazing Network

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ASGA offers individual and family memberships for farmers, and individual memberships for solar enthusiasts and solar company employees.

Companies, non-profits, and other organizations can join ASGA by becoming corporate sponsors (see below).

Membership Benefits:

  • Participate in the membership forum and network with others in the solar grazing industry
  • Access to member-exclusive monthly events on solar grazing and agrivoltaics, including practical information on grazing practices and the latest updates in the field
  • Exclusive access to ASGA's resource library that includes 5 years of recorded events, providing a wealth of presentations and information on solar grazing and agrivoltaics
  • Put your listings on ASGA's solar grazing map
  • An exclusive ASGA Membership Badge

Need help with your application? Use the chat icon or email support@buildwithmaple.com

If you have billing questions, please email Billing@solargrazing.org.

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Please support the wonderful team that is the American Solar Grazing Association.

You are farmers, solar companies, and brilliant experts from NRCS, Extension Service, Universities, Colleges, Energy Agencies, and Renewable Support Groups.

Your sponsorship will sustain the services we provide for free, support our membership program and forum, and allow solar grazing information to be freely available.

There are three levels of sponsorship: Basic, Silver, and Gold. Each level includes a set number of ASGA memberships for your company members.

Basic: 6 Memberships

Silver: 11 Memberships

Gold: 20 Memberships

After you complete your donation, ASGA will schedule a call to provide you with your employee memberships.

ASGA Sponsorship Levels


$1,500 per Year
  • 6 Employee memberships
  • 1 Year Sponsorship Listing on our homepage
  • Members-only exclusive sponsorship opportunity


$3,000 per Year
  • 11 Employee Memberships
  • 1 Year Sponsorship Listing on our homepage
  • Exclusive sponsorship of monthly ASGA webinar


$5,000 - $10,000 per Year
  • 20 Employee Memberships
  • 1 Year Sponsorship Listing on our homepage
  • Exclusive sponsorship of monthly ASGA webinar
  • ASGA staff to partner in solar grazing events & co-branding opportunities

For questions about sponsorship payments, please contact us at: billing@solargrazing.org

Book a call to learn more about ASGA's sponsorship opportunities

Credit: AgriSolar Clearinghouse
Credit: AgriSolar Clearinghouse