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Archived Calls

ASGA Call 26 – Arizona Solar Grazing

By ASGA | February 6, 2020

On the latest ASGA call we were joined by Ericca Suarez and Rusty Cocke to hear about their work grazing in Arizona at Tuscon Electric’s sites. Click here to watch the replay You can also hear a recent podcast about their work. When? This call happened on WEDNESDAY, Feb 5th @ 6 PM Eastern​ Guests:…

ASGA Call 25 – Best practices in Solar Grazing as industry expands with Keith Hervenor at Nexamp

By ASGA | January 17, 2020

On ASGA call 25 we were joined by Keith Hervenor from Nexamp to talk about best practices in solar grazing as this industry expands. Click here to watch the replay When? This call happened January 8th, 2019 Guest: Keith Hervenor works with Nexamp, a solar firm dedicated to community-scale solar and responsible solar development. His…

ASGA Call 24 – Managing larger flocks with Fiona Harrar (Wednesday’s Zoom Call)

By ASGA | December 11, 2019

On ASGA call 24 Premier One’s Fiona Harrar joined us to discuss managing larger flocks and how to scale up a grass fed operation.​ Click here to watch the replay When? This call happened December 4th, 2019 Guest: Fiona Harrar, flock manager of 1000+ ewes at Premier 1 in Iowa. She’s focusing on: Efficiencies for…


July 2019 Solar Grazing Call ASGA #19


IMG_6367 (1)

June 2019 Solar Grazing Call

ASGA #18


  • Professor Chad Higgins, Oregon State University
  • Mary Smallman, Instructor at the Oregon State Sheep Center,
    Author of Agrivoltaics Paper



sheep web 2

May 2019 Solar Grazing

ASGA #17


  • Andrew Wilson, The University of Queensland, Australia
    Director of Sustainability
  • Sarah Haskmann, Sustainability Department, University of Queensland




April 2019 Solar Grazing Call

ASGA #16


  • Riley Murray, PE, Secure Futures LLC
  • Dr Judy St Leger, Dutch Barn Farm