Recording: Third Annual Membership Meeting of the American Solar Grazing Association


Last year was an incredible year of growth for solar grazing and ASGA. At the annual meeting, ASGA’s leadership team highlighted ASGA’s achievements from 2022 and previewed the exciting developments you can expect to see in 2023.

Highlights included:

  • Meeting ASGA’s Leadership Team, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board
  • ASGA’s research projects and grants
  • Updates on strong membership growth
  • Updates on ASGA’s finances
  • Members voted in two new ASGA Board Members, Daniel Dotterer and Ely Valdez and reelected Lexie Hain and Jonathan Barter 
  • Grazier Training Certification
  • Event Updates
  • 2023 ASGA Goals

Watch the replay:

Check out the presentation slides here:

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