ASGA Call 65 Replay: Preparing for Utility-Scale Solar Grazing in the Northeast with Targeted & Mob Grazing Experts

What do solar graziers in New England and the Northeast need to know to prepare for grazing at scale?

As a follow up to our March webinar on large-scale solar grazing in California and Texas, we put together a discussion about scaling up to large site grazing in the northeastern United States.

ASGA Members Alan Aulson and Dick Henry joined us to share their experiences with targeted grazing in New England. Both Dick and Alan have a long history of targeted grazing in the northeast, accumulating years of experience before the recent solar boom expanded interest in targeted grazing at solar sites.

Since utility-scale solar sites are expanding quickly in the region, Dick and Alan’s extensive experience grazing different areas across northern new England will be valuable for solar graziers who are working to adapt targeted grazing practices to large (and small) solar sites.

ASGA Board Member Daniel Dotterer also joined us to discuss the process he is working through to expand his grazing operation for large site grazing, with a particular emphasis on the capital issues involved. Based in Pennsylvania, like many graziers in his state Daniel is in a position where large solar site opportunities are on the horizon but delayed for various reasons, making it particularly difficult to plan for the expansion.

Hosts: Kevin Richardson (ASGA) and Ely Valdez

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