Caleb Scott

Caleb Scott is the founder of United Agrivoltaic North America, A farm partner group servicing vegetation managing contracts all over the US and developing creative solutions and Action plans for company’s interested in an Agrivoltaic approach

Caleb is also a founding board member and vice president of the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA).

Caleb has 10 years experience actively contracting grazing, and working with commercial solar sites. His agrivoltaic journey started, in 2013 since then his team has developed a streamlined and duplicatable Agrivoltaic approach to vegetation management keeping sites in compliance while experimenting and researching all things Agrivoltaic, using honey bees, pasture pigs, poultry, pheasants and using solar to conserve rare or endangered species, Caleb enjoys creating creative farming methods and value-added ways to control vegetation while increasing the calories per square meter produced from the dual usage and promote USA solar source products.