Fiona Harrar

Fiona Harrar has been farming for the last 25 years with a focus on grass based ruminant management and meat production. Born and raised in West Virginia, she pursued languages in college and received a BA in Spanish. A volunteer position on a small farm in Scotland sparked her interest in a career in agriculture.She has since worked on farms in New York and throughout New England as a manager on cow and sheep dairies and small scale farms producing pastured based lamb, beef, poultry and pork. After realizing that she was most passionate about sheep, she decided she wanted more of a challenge on a larger scale operation. This desire brought her to southeast Iowa 6 years ago to become the Livestock Manager at Premier Experimental Farms, a production farm with 1000 ewes and 50 meat goats, producing lambs year round. The farm is also responsible for testing out the products sold through Premier 1 Supplies selling fencing and equipment to livestock producers nationwide. She also raises and trains Border Collies and livestock guardian dogs who work with her daily on the farm.