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ASGA Certified™ Solar Grazing Training Programs

Agrivoltaic Solutions Solar Grazing Training Program for the Northeast

July 18 October 5 EDT

C July 18 2024 October 5 2024 1

Welcome to the Agrivoltaic Solutions Solar Grazing Training Program. This comprehensive course brings together insights from solar industry professionals, solar grazing managers, veterinarians, and livestock grazing experts to equip you with the skills needed to execute successful grazing operations within solar facilities across the Northeastern U.S.

Throughout this program, participants will acquire practical knowledge on how to establish and position their grazing businesses within this rapidly expanding industry. Additionally, you will learn effective flock management techniques tailored to diverse field conditions while upholding exceptional service standards.

Agrivoltaic Solutions has been commercially grazing since 2018, and currently manages 43 solar sites in the Northeast. AVS has consulted on approximately 6GW of solar co-location across the U.S. 

By enrolling in this program, you will join a cohort of Northeastern U.S. solar grazing managers, gaining access to 12 months of continuous mentoring and support from Agrivoltaic Solutions. This initiative aims to cultivate enduring relationships among participants, fostering a robust network of graduates committed to advancing the solar grazing field.

Weekly (Thursday evenings) 2-hour live online lessons between July 18, 2024, and October 3, 2024, followed by an on-site workshop in Vermont on October 5, 2024.

Register:   https://agrivoltaicsolutions.com/training/


  • Working with solar companies: Site operator identification, project bidding, onboarding process, key site design recommendations, construction, and site preparation timelines.
  • Assessment of site ecosystem conditions, forage availability, and quality.
  • Vegetation management performance targets and factors influencing forage growth curves.
  • Grazing rotation planning and calculating stocking rates.
  • Sheep flock health, disease management, and biosecurity.
  • Flock nutritional requirements and onsite management.
  • Water delivery and management, site infrastructure considerations, predator control.
  • Contract language, negotiations, insurance, and taxation.
  • Enterprise budgeting, discussion of mowing services, winter management.
  • Signage and public interaction.
  • In-person workshop: On-site safety training.
  • In-person workshops: Flock movement demonstration including paddock moves, working chute usage and design, and trailer loading.

Cost:  $2,000 – includes all meals for October onsite training.