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ASGA Certified™ Solar Grazing Training Programs

CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop: April 2024

April 29 May 1 EDT

CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop April 2024 1

Join us for a three-day workshop on solar grazing, an innovative approach to sustainable land use that combines renewable energy production with responsible livestock grazing. Led by experts from White Oak Pastures and solar site owners/managers, this unique experience offers a deep dive into the intricacies of solar grazing and its integration into diverse farm operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Field visits at two solar farms with differing designs
  • Rotational grazing field move demonstration with White Oak Pastures sheep/herd.
  • Overview of capital expenditures and resources needed for solar grazing.
  • Panel discussions with industry leaders in regenerative agriculture and solar grazing
  • Insight into bidding, contracting, and execution phases of solar grazing.
  • Historical outline of regenerative agriculture implementation at White Oak Pastures
  • Introduction to fundamental soil health principles
  • Demonstration of protecting solar equipment from grazing animals
  • Site-specific discussion of animal delivery, loading, and handling
  • Demonstration/discussion of watering methods and equipment
  • Discussion of grazing goals and stocking rates for solar grazing
  • Question-and-answer discussion panels!

Limited Scholarship Opportunities Available Provided by Renewa Energy, these scholarships offer a chance to attend this workshop at reduced or no cost.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the environmental, economic, and social benefits of solar grazing. Register now to secure your spot!

Dates: April 29th-May 1st

Price: $2,500

Register: https://thecfar.org/products/cfar-solar-april-2024