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ASGA promotes grazing livestock on solar installations to both effectively manage vegetation, grazing livestock and create new agribusiness profits.  ASGA is a farmer-led nonprofit 501c6 trade organization.

Read the information below to learn more about ASGA, becoming a member, and member benefits.

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What is ASGA?

Join the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) to become part of a community of farmers, energy professionals, students, researchers, and solar grazing enthusiasts dedicated to supporting and popularizing solar grazing and agrivoltaics. Here you will find a vibrant space to connect people, knowledge, and ideas in this growing field. 

Why was ASGA started?

ASGA is about assuring the best use of the land at solar sites and supporting farmers across the country. Solar grazing and agrivoltaics provide new opportunities to farmers, afford increased ecological benefits of solar sites and improve vegetation management on those sites. ASGA supports all those involved in the world of dual-use solar by providing a community to share ideas, knowledge, and resources. We work to promote and popularize research showing the benefits of solar grazing while providing practical resources to help farmers and solar professionals run their operations. 

What resources does ASGA provide?

ASGA provides the following free resources to everyone:

  • Live monthly call (webinar) with experts and researchers
  • Archive of tea time monthly calls
  • Archive of published studies
  • Access to the solar resource library
  • Ability to see the national grazing map that connects companies and grazers

What are the benefits of becoming a paid ASGA member?

As a paid ASGA member, you will have access to all of ASGA's free sources AND additional resources such as:

  • Webinar archive
  • Ability to post and read posts on the ASGA network
  • Ability to contribute to grazing science through surveys
  • Access to the solar grazing contract in an editable format
  • Access to a second live monthly call (Teatimes) with experts and researchers
  • Ability to post on the national grazing map
  • Participation in the membership forum and directory
  • Networking with others in the solar grazing industry
  • An exclusive digital ASGA Membership Badge

How do I become an ASGA member?

Joining is as easy as clicking:

Who should become an ASGA member?

  • Farmers and Graziers: Farmers looking to diversify their land use will get information about keeping land in agriculture through mixed use scenarios. Folks raising sheep either traditionally or as vegetation management tools. Goats, while cute as the Dickens, are not a good idea on solar arrays. Other grazing animals include cattle, poultry, and small mammals like rabbits and guinea pigs. Limited information on habitat sources for pollinators (native and managed) is available to all.
  • Solar Professionals:  Everyone involved in the solar industry from site planning and design to approval, to permitting and operations and maintenance. This includes installations from 5 acres to 500 acres and more. 
  • Government participants: Folks involved in state and local issues related to agriculture, ag extension, energy, land use, climate change, and taxation. 
  • Students and researchers: Solar energy and associated agricultural efforts are a new and growing industry. Professionals and students interested in learning how agriculture works and how grazing can be paired with solar energy in the bigger picture of reducing greenhouse gasses. Topics of consideration include economics, land use, and agriculture.
  • Solar Enthusiasts: People who want to see less use of fossil fuel and less greenhouse gas emissions. Sometimes, these people shift into the other groups very quietly when no one is looking. Regardless, they are interested in energy, or maybe agriculture and they just want to know what’s new and exciting.

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See you in our member network!

Judy St. Leger & the ASGA Board of Directors