What Every Grazier Needs in Their First Aid Toolkit (on Solar Sites)

For our October 2023 ASGA Call, we put together a panel of veterinarians and experienced graziers to discuss how they handle some of the biggest health issues that come up in a solar grazing system.

In this clip the panelists gave us some fantastic practical advice about this topic: “What every solar grazier should put in their sheep first aid box: What equipment do you need to bring to a solar site?”

Here’s what they recommend for their first aid toolkit-

  • You need to have a good relationship with the veterinarians these days – so have a doctor’s name and phone number taped to your dashboard.
  • Keep halters in your truck
  • Shepherd’s crook
  • A small aluminum gate-based pen for sites that are not close to your farm
  • Multiple pairs of foot clippers
  • Deworming medication and antibiotics
  • General eye medication/ointment
  • For wound care, have a pocket knife, as well as beta-dine and some gauze, in case you need to clean something up. It’s good to have things like epsom salts.
  • Thermometer
  • Bandage scissors
  • Notebook and pen to keep records
  • Fly spray
  • Flunixin
  • Small bucket with grain


  • Cindy Wolf – Veterinarian from the University of Minnesota,
  • Judy St. Leger – Veterinary pathologist, solar grazier, and Founding ASGA Member
  • Caroline Owens – ASGA Board Member with a long history raising sheep, experienced solar grazier, and Founding ASGA Member.

📹 Watch the full recording here if you’re an ASGA member.

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