ASGA Call #54 Replay: June 1st, Cornell Solar Sheep Update with Pollinator and Vegetation Experts

The folks from Cornell are back with the latest updates on their ongoing solar grazing research project. Professors John Losey, an insect scientist, and Antonio DiTommaso, a weed scientist, led us through the latest results of research on solar grazing, with a particular focus on grazing’s impacts on pollinators and vegetation.

They had some exciting new findings and insights to share with us. The presentation was followed by a Q&A.

HostsKevin Richardson (ASGA), your ASGA Outreach Coordinator, and Warren Sakey, the Renewable Development Manager at Invenergy and an ASGA Advisory Board Member.

About the Speakers

John Losey is a professor in Cornell’s Department of Entomology. His research, teaching and outreach interests all revolve around the management of insect populations, with a focus on the management of pest insect populations and the management of endangered or declining insect populations. He works to educate others on the importance of insect biodiversity and conservation. John can be reached at

Toni DiTommaso is Professor and Chair in the School of Integrative Plant Science Soil and Crop Sciences Section. His research aims to study and gain a more in depth understanding of the basic biological/ecological principles governing agricultural and environmental weed population dynamics that ultimately lead to the development and implementation of safe, effective, sustainable and economically viable weed management strategies.

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