ASGA Call #57 Replay: NYSERDA’s New Dual-Use Strategies

Jeremy Wyble (NYSERDA) and Jessica Bacher (Pace Law) joined us to present NYSERDA’s recently-released 2022 Smart Solar Siting Scorecard. They discussed the strategies that the scorecard establishes for co-utilization solar projects, including solar grazing, and Jessica gave a very informative and detailed breakdown of the scorecard’s mechanics for dual-use and agrivoltaics.

Jeremy and Jessica also gave us a brief overview of New York State’s climate goals and NYSERDA’s Large-Scale Renewable program.

New York’s strategies will be influential in helping to shape guidelines for agrivoltaics and solar grazing nationwide. Jeremy and Jessica’s presentation gave us a first-hand look at New York’s leadership in supporting the smart siting of solar projects and spurring agrivoltaic innovation.

See the 2022 Smart Solar Siting Scorecard here.

Host: Kevin Richardson, ASGA’s Outreach Coordinator

About the Speakers

Jeremy Wyble is a Senior Project Manager for NYSERDA’s Large-Scale Renewables Program. He has over 17 years of experience in the solar industry providing project management, technical diligence, and development in the public and private sectors across EPCs, developers, owner-operators, and state government organizations.

Jeremy’s responsibilities with NYSERDA include management of contracts associated with approximately 30 complex renewable energy projects in development and being the primary point of contact with internal and external stakeholders related to these projects. Additionally, Jeremy is a member of the New York State Agricultural Technical Working Group and provides support for the New York State Farmland Projection Working Group on behalf of NYSERDA. Outside of renewables, Jeremy is a NY Nut Growers Association member with a passion for growing northern-hardy nut trees.

Jessica Bacher is the Executive Director of the Land Use Law Center at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. As the Executive Director, Ms. Bacher’s responsibilities include development and implementation of projects relating to local land use practice, sustainable communities, and renewable energy siting, as well as providing strategic assistance to numerous municipalities. Additionally, Ms. Bacher serves as a trainer for the Center’s award-winning Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program.  At Pace Law, Ms. Bacher serves as an adjunct professor, teaching Land Use Law, Sustainable Development Survey, and the Advanced Land Use and Sustainable Development Seminar. She also administers the Center’s academic programs and guides student research. 

In addition, she is a Clinic Lecturer at Yale School of the Environment, where she manages the School’s Land Use Clinic. Ms. Bacher served as a member of the Land Use and Local Government Advisory Panel to Climate Action Council, is a Technical Advisor to NYS Agricultural Technical Working Group (A-TWG) under New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), and was a Land Use Technical Advisor to the NYSERDA Siting Team. Most recently, Ms. Bacher has been working with NYSERDA on a Planning for Clean Energy Guide for local governments, a guidebook on Solar Installations on Agricultural Lands, and an updated Model Solar Energy Law.

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