ASGA Call #59 Replay: Agrivoltaics and Solar Development that Benefits Communities and Ecosystems with Brian Ross, Great Plains Institute

In our October webinar, the Great Plains Institute’s (GPI) Brian Ross led a wide-ranging discussion on the challenges facing solar expansion and the benefits solar can offer local communities, ecosystems, and agriculture to help address land-use barriers to its continued development. 

Brian broke down many of the co-benefits of well-designed solar land-use, and discussed how integrating solar into agriculture and ecosystems effectively can reduce barriers to large-scale solar site development and how the benefits of solar can help address community concerns. This includes using smart siting to increase groundwater protection, support ecosystem restoration, and promote agriculture.

This recording is a great resource for learning about issues surrounding the growth of solar and how agrivoltaics fits into its future.

Hosts: Caroline Owens, ASGA Board Member, and Kevin Richardson (ASGA) 

About the Speakers

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Brian Ross, AICP, LEED GA, is a Vice President at the Great Plains Institute, leading GPI’s renewable energy market transformation efforts in the Midwest and nationally.  He has worked with dozens of local, regional, and state governments on climate and energy planning, policy and regulation. Brian currently leads multiple efforts at both the state and national level on integrating solar development with natural systems, community priorities, and agriculture business models.

Here are three short blog posts Brian has published on GPI’s research:

➡️ Solar, with Benefits! (Or, the Co-Benefits Approach to Solar Development)

➡️ Solar Plus: How Solar-Integrated Agriculture Could Reduce Barriers to Large-Scale Solar Deployment

➡️ Stormwater Management in Solar Projects: Barriers and Best Practices

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