Meet ASGA’s New Executive Director, Ryan Kelliher!

By ASGA / December 7, 2022 /

We’re excited to announce that Ryan Kelliher has been appointed as the new executive director of the American Solar Grazing Association.  Ryan has been in the solar industry since 2015, where he…

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The American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) was appalled to learn of a case of alleged animal cruelty involving the deaths of 15 sheep on a solar electric site in Vermont

By ASGA / September 2, 2022 /

The American Solar Grazing Association was founded to research, identify, and promote best practices in animal husbandry and grazing on solar sites. ASGA was appalled to learn of a case…

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Sheep and Solar Panels: Using Solar Sites for Pastureland

By ASGA / May 5, 2022 /

This article was originally published on the Bay Journal website on May 3, 2022. by Ad Crable A solar power boom generated by new renewable energy mandates is unfurling in…

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Bees, sheep, crops: Solar developers tout multiple benefits

By ASGA / November 4, 2021 /

The Associated Press captures essence of dual use movement; ABC News picks up this thread Solar is a renewable energy source that can help wean the world off fossil fuels…

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When these solar farms need their grass cut, they call in some woolly landscapers

By ASGA / October 21, 2021 /

10-21-216:00 AM WORLD CHANGING IDEAS BY KRISTIN TOUSSAINT 3 MINUTE READ On some solar farms in New York state, sheep act as landscapers, grazing among the solar panels to manage vegetation. It’s…

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Sheep Help Restore Native Prairie Habitat On Waseca Solar Farm

By ASGA / August 24, 2021 /

A new idea is blending energy and agriculture to power some of our neighbor’s homes. Nokomis Energy has dozens of renewable energy projects across the Twin Cities that serve Xcel Energy…

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New York funds a study to learn how grazing can benefit solar installations

By ASGA / May 12, 2021 /

Sheep and solar farms can exist symbiotically, and the American Solar Grazing Association says that now is the time to convert that relationship into a full-scale industry.MAY 12, 2021 TIM SYLVIA…

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Study to Assess Business Case for Sheep and Honeybees on Solar Power Sites

By ASGA / May 4, 2021 /

Recruitment of shepherds, beekeepers, and solar sites underway Contact: Lexie ITHACA—The American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) today announced it will collect and analyze data on the agricultural, economic, and…

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Solar Meets Sheep (and Bees, and More)

By ASGA / January 8, 2021 /

Agrivoltaics brings ag and solar together on the same land. It’s an emerging solution that could be coming soon to the Hudson Valley By Lynn Freehill-Maye   The second word…

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Nittany 2: Penn State

Solar Power World Features Fuzz & Buzz, ASGA

By ASGA / October 16, 2020 /

Penn State’s 70-MW solar project portfolio is now producing power and supporting sheep grazing Penn State University has begun purchasing renewable electricity generated from three Lightsource bp solar farms that…

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Flocking to a Utility-Scale PV O&M Solution

By ASGA / August 27, 2020 /

By Kearstin Krupiak  Posted August 5, 2020  In Blog 0 Operating and maintaining a utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. However, there’s been a unique innovation in PV plant operation…

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Biggest Solar Farm in New Jersey to Partner with Experienced Solar Grazier, ASGA Member

By ASGA / August 20, 2020 /

The Nichomaus Run Solar Farm, proposed by developer Dakota Power Partners, would cover 800 acres of land in Pilesgrove Township — 650 of which will be lined with rows of…

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Michigan State: Well Managed Land Can Do Both

By ASGA / June 15, 2020 /

As the demand for solar energy grows, solar farms are cropping up across America’s rural landscapes. And Charles Gould, an energy educator with Michigan State University Extension, says they can…

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On Pasture Features ASGA

By ASGA / May 19, 2020 /
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New York State Solar Sheep Photo Op

By ASGA / April 1, 2020 /

Hey folks! We got a little nice press with an album cover for New York State’s Clean Energy Standards Report 2019. Nice to see some New York solar sheep in…

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Outreach Webinar on Solar Technology & Solar Grazing

By ASGA / March 31, 2020 /

USES, the United Solar Energy Supporters group, just offered a webinar on solar grazing and on solar technologies. Tune in about 30 min in for the latest solar grazing webinar…

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