Meet ASGA’s New Executive Director, Ryan Kelliher!

We’re excited to announce that Ryan Kelliher has been appointed as the new executive director of the American Solar Grazing Association. 

Ryan has been in the solar industry since 2015, where he has worked on all parts of the solar value stack from residential to large community solar arrays. He started a grazing program for Nexamp in 2019, and since then has become more involved in national agrivoltaics efforts as the industry has grown. 

Ryan has been an ASGA Board of Directors member and an integral part of our community, adding his voice to important projects such as the solar grazing contract template.

With a mix of grant support and private funding, Ryan believes that ASGA is poised to spur the growth of co-located farming and energy for years to come.

Working with the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and ASGA’s vibrant community, Ryan will be responsible for guiding ASGA through this exciting period of rapid growth in solar grazing, agrivoltaics, and solar development. 

He’ll be taking over for Judy St Leger, who succeeded ASGA founder Lexie Hain in February 2022. We thank Judy and Lexie for all of their hard work in helping to build up ASGA to what it is today.

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