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Calls are at 6 PM Eastern using Zoom. You can call in or use your screen.

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WEDNESDAY, August 7th @ 6 PM Eastern


Call Guests: BlueWave Solar & SEBANE


Mark D. Sylvia, Chief of Staff and President of SEBANE, Lucy Bullock-Sieger (Director of Civic Engagement) and Drew Pierson (Sr. Director of Project Management)

Call Hosts:

Jonathan Barter, ASGA President Lexie Hain, ASGA Executive Director

 Our guests:

BlueWave Solar develops and operates community solar arrays, and is a B-corp based in Boston, MA. It is unique among firms in its creation of solar & agricultural co-location tools and because of its commitment to ongoing ag & solar research.

SEBANE is Solar Energy Business Association of New England.

Mark Sylvia, Chief of Staff, BlueWave Solar & President of SEBANE

Lucy Bullock-Sieger is the Director of Civic Engagement

Drew Pierson, Senior Director of Project Development


We look forward to hearing what this innovative New England firm is doing in the world of solar grazing. Our agenda: Mark will lead the call with an introduction on his roles at both firms. Lucy will speak on solar ag policy. Drew will speak on what BlueWave is doing currently and what the future of the industry may hold.

As always, please mute yourselves when you are not the speaker.

Call ends at 7 PM Eastern

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Archived Calls


July 2019 Solar Grazing Call ASGA #19


IMG_6367 (1)

June 2019 Solar Grazing Call

ASGA #18


  • Professor Chad Higgins, Oregon State University
  • Mary Smallman, Instructor at the Oregon State Sheep Center,
    Author of Agrivoltaics Paper



sheep web 2

May 2019 Solar Grazing

ASGA #17


  • Andrew Wilson, The University of Queensland, Australia
    Director of Sustainability
  • Sarah Haskmann, Sustainability Department, University of Queensland




April 2019 Solar Grazing Call

ASGA #16


  • Riley Murray, PE, Secure Futures LLC
  • Dr Judy St Leger, Dutch Barn Farm