Solar Grazing News

ASGA Call #39: Solar Grazing in Australia

By ASGA / March 5, 2021

Call Replay Available: The Clean Energy Council has been working on a case study of solar grazing in Australia. Our guests have spent the past year interviewing sheep producers and…

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ASGA Call #38: Planning the solar grazing season with pasture management expertise

By ASGA / February 6, 2021

Call Replay Available: Two experts in pasture management help us think about planning our 2021 grazing season.   They’ll help with questions like… How many sheep per acre?  Call Guests:…

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By ASGA / January 8, 2021

Call Replay Available: The team at Oregon State is doing piles of work to document sheep health and solar grazing, sheep management and insect biodiversity, forage growth and more.  Some…

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Solar Meets Sheep (and Bees, and More)

By ASGA / January 8, 2021

Agrivoltaics brings ag and solar together on the same land. It’s an emerging solution that could be coming soon to the Hudson Valley By Lynn Freehill-Maye   The second word…

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ASGA Call #36: Processing & Marketing, Solar Grazing, and Farming & Solar Synergies

By ASGA / December 3, 2020

Call Replay Available: We have three terrific guests joining us for this call! Call Guests: Matt LeRoux, Agriculture Marketing Consultant  Tips for processing and marketing during COVID: A focus on…

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ASGA Call 35: Deep Dive with 4 Experts: Solar Project Development & Construction, CoLocation

By ASGA / November 6, 2020

Call Replay Available: A deep dive into Solar Project Development & Construction, CoLocation with four outstanding experts in the field. Call Guests: Lian Niu, managing member at Eitri Foundry  Christopher McCabe, Director of…

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Nittany 2: Penn State

Solar Power World Features Fuzz & Buzz, ASGA

By ASGA / October 16, 2020

Penn State’s 70-MW solar project portfolio is now producing power and supporting sheep grazing Penn State University has begun purchasing renewable electricity generated from three Lightsource bp solar farms that…

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ASGA Call 34: Cornell Solar Sheep, Pollinators & Carbon Research Update

By ASGA / October 13, 2020

For our 34th webinar, Niko Kochendoerfer discussed the Cornell solar grazing project at the 50-acre Cascadilla Community Solar Farm. This webinar covers the results of the first year of the…

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ASGA Call 33: Indiana Solar Grazing Trial & multiple land uses with Rocky Mountain Institute

By ASGA / September 8, 2020

We’ll have a special promotion of the new film by Diana Rodger’s team at Sacred Cow – out this fall. She will on the call to drop hints about the…

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Flocking to a Utility-Scale PV O&M Solution

By ASGA / August 27, 2020

By Kearstin Krupiak  Posted August 5, 2020  In Blog 0 Operating and maintaining a utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. However, there’s been a unique innovation in PV plant operation…

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