ASGA Teatime: Running a Hybrid Grazing & Mowing Operation

How and why would you incorporate mowing into your grazing operations on solar sites?

Combining grazing with mowing is becoming more common in the industry. The complexities of managing vegetation on solar sites has led a number of providers to adopt the dual approach. In addition, more solar farm owners are looking to have a single contractor for all vegetation management needs. 

For this discussion, we assembled a panel of vegetation management providers who have found success with the hybrid approach: 

  • Caleb Scott (United Agrivoltaics)
  • Brock Phillips  (Carolina Solar Services)
  • JR Howard (Texas Solar Sheep).

Caleb, Brock, and JR will gave us an overview of why the hybrid approach emerged in the industry, why they started doing it, and how mowing can improve their grazing and pasture management. The panelists also talked about the nuances that go into deciding on the balance between grazing and mowing at a site, strategies for doing it, problems they run into, and what you need to know when you start doing the hybrid approach.

Make sure to listen to the full audience Q&A at the end. Quite a few good questions come up and the panelists addressed topics like how to calculate your costs.

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